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November 2012



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Dear Editors,

If I don't start selling more stories, I don't know what other choice I have. I've already bought the outfit:

And here's the soundtrack for when I advertise my product on the street:


Cool videos! Enjoyed that.

Let me know how the editorial letter and the outfit works. I've been meaning to redo my cover letter, and I needz some new threads ;-)
I went out last night, but no takers. But then again no one passed by me out on County Road 12 except for a couple heads of cattle. Perhaps there's a reason you see more prostitutes on the streets than in the country? ;)
Yeah, I can see where there aren't many working girls on CR12. *g*

I've got an Idea (tm) for you, T.J.

How about writing a memoir about your, ahem, adventures *in* the outfit?

You could write the next Million Little Pieces, but not for pretend!
An excerpt written by my biographer (note: he took many artistic liberties with my story):

"He stepped out in his new outfit. He was unable to find a fishnet shirt in the outlet stores in Alabaster or nearby Calera, so he settled on cutting a hole in the crotch of a pair of pantyhose and wearing this as a shirt. He placed on his five-year-old's ruffled leather cowboy vest, squeezed into his wife's daisy dukes, and put on his nicest pair of flip-flops.

He stood on the edge of the dirt road. Cattle brayed and the air was filled by the scent of cow pies and a dead armadillo on the side of the road. He waited for a car to come by, but no one goes down County Road 12 after it gets dark. Besides, his was the only house on this rutted red stretch of dirt road.

He understood then why most prostitutes work in the city...."

;) - *singing* "It's Hard Out here for a Pimp" (not to mention a rural rent boy)
So true, so true. I'm in a dry spell now myself.
Well, hopefully we'll get some much-needed rain soon.

Life out on these dusty, dirty streets* is hard, ugly, and dare I say it? Real. They call it the "Dirty South" for a reason. I had a racoon attack me the other night. Not to mention the mosquitoes.

*dirty because they're unpaved, of course.
Racoon attack? Sweet! You should definitely carry a loaded, sawed-off shotgun at all times. And the kid, too! :)
Not to mention the fact that a shotgun in my pants might draw more attention to my sugalumps.
And here I was thinking I was the only one. I read recently that the publishing industry has been hit just as hard as the automobile industry. Eep. I hope it rains soon too! REAL SOON!
There has been a bit of tightening with short fiction markets, probably more with novels, but in my case, it's all my own fault. Just not enough time lately to send out many stories. :)